Brunch at Christopher’s

My friend suggested we should all go for brunch after church. As bush as I am my mind went to tea and biscuits?? for what?? lool cos I felt like that’s what one can possibly eat but I was wrong. Christopher’s has changed my life FOREVER!!! their food is so amazing okay apart from their mac and cheese that I wasnt actually feeling that much. I am sure you would like it but it wasnt just it for me.

So I had strawberry cheesecake milkshake, Mac and cheese, Chocolate brioche French toast milk with vanilla ice cream. Typing this now I am actually salivating. I just want to be in a house full of this eating my heart out. May I also add that its affordable guys like you’d be thinking you’d pay through your nose in this fancy restaurant but the price of the meal is actually decent. I recommend this 100000000000 and it goes on times. Btw its in Convent Garden, I am sure youd love it they also have cocktails but I was too full to try it but I tell you this I am definitely going back.