Take me back to summer

Can’t lie I miss the sun, okay not so much just need a little heat in my life right now and to wear something light. All these thermal wear and coats I’m not feeling so much. So lets talk about my OOTD.img_7223img_7280

If you know me you know ‘me love me some vintage” I don’t even know when and how this love started but anytime I see anything vintage its like just go have a look you never know what you might find.

I think part of my love for vintage is because it gives that feel of the 90’s like I was meant to be born in the early 90’s lool. I bet I’d have been a cool kid lool. I also love this top because it’s cropped, cropped tops are so sexy, love to have me one of each colour and style if I had the money. img_7263img_7237Need I make reference to my cuffed pants, I tell you if you are tired of tight trousers and need some space get you a pair of cuffed pants not the joggers tho but if you wear joggers to go out then why not?!?! Really sorry I don’t have links my outfit is kinda old. xximg_7264

Glasses: Topshop | Top: University vintage fairs | Pants: Forever21 | Shoes: Puma Fenty

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